Me Self

me self
Hi. My name is Alessandro Piroddi and I'm the one responsible for this quirky website. In 1993, at the tender age of eleven years and a half, I cought the RPG-virus and never managed to shake it off. In time it actually got worse and now I'm even designing my own games ... what a tragedy!

(un)Playable_G4mes is where I lay my games to rest, for all the world to see. Some might call this publishing, I personally call it "The Things I Do For Love". (and fame, and money, and drunkness, and maybe I'm confusing game-designer with rock-star ... it doesn't really matter I guess)

Anyway people here can do a bunch of things with my games...
People can download them.
People can read them.
People can be as bold as to play them.
People can even throw money my way to support my efforts.
People are weird... what else can I say?

You may not be interested in the fact that I am Italian, born in Ravenna in the year of grace 1981 as a male specimen of the human race; but there you have it, I told you anyway. That's me.