The Name of God

The Name of God is a little cynical trip into a bizarre hole, filled with homeless people, weird omens, dangerous situations, and ritual chanting. No, seriously, you will have to intone the words, or you will never find your true self again!

The Name of God is a nanogame. All its rules fit into less than four playing cards, with the rest of the deck offering thought provoking character archetypes and inspiring art.Kicked into existence thanks to the lure of the GameChef2013, it has been inspired by the great ideas of Epidiah Ravachol, but then took a bizarre twist of its own.

The Name of God is freely inspired to such works as Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, American Gods and Anansi Boys. And The Prodigy's song Narayan which more or less means "The Name of God". And also to my undying love for Unknown Armies.
Designed for 3-4 participants.
Zero Prep.
Lasts about 3 hours.
Surrounding people will direct worried glances in your direction.

This game is a deck of about 30 cards with no additional materials needed to play.
The Print-&-Play PDF package includes the game files in all six supported languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, French, German) in both Poker size and Tarot size.
A specific Print-on-Demand options is available for each language and each card size.

Translation Credits: 
Español : Antonio Martinez Elias and César Randall
Polski    : Aleksandra Sontowska
Deutsch : Julia Roth
Français : Luca Casassa
Italiano  : Alessandro Piroddi
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