DreamLess is a supplement for the FateLess rules system allowing players to explore a weird post-apocalyptic world where reality itself has crumbled, degenerating into child's nightmare.

Humanity survives in fortified cities constantly irradiated by a pale white light that keeps the madness at bay, while rival factions of super-trained agents grudgingly cooperate in the name of common survival while plotting to overthrow one another.

Be an acrobatic philosopher-warrior. Or a tattooed telepath. A reality bending insomniac. A powerful mystic-scientist. Or a regular person armed with will, talent and the courage to measure up against the challenges of the World Inside.

Will you keep your sanity in the face of impossible beasts and deranged wonders? Or will you be infected by Deliria's germs of thought and become a reality warping Heretic?

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