Other Projects

So, what else is baking?
These are the other projects I am working on. If you like them and want to help push forward their development simply tell me what game are you rooting for, and maybe come support me on Patreon.com

  • FateLess
  • King of the City
  • Escape From NeoFirenze
  • Like Flies
  • Stand by Me
  • Drop Ship

This is a hack bringing together the GM-Less structure of Tactical Ops with the core engine of Fate Accelerated. The result is a game where characters are independent from one another, or even rivals and enemies; each with her personal goals and objectives, her personal story that may or may not cross everyone else's. Where Tactical Ops was meant for group-oriented mission-driven play in settings such as Shadowrun or SLA Industries or generic fantasy adventuring, FateLess is built specifically to play stories in individual-driven settings such as KULT, Unknown Armies, Vampire The Masquerade, etc.

King of the City
You are the spider at the center of a net of pawns, contacts, influences and resources. But you are not the only spider and The City is not nearly big enough. What will you sacrifice to gain ultimate power?

In this GM-Less game that uses real chess boards and pieces Players vie for control over The City in the role of a "King" and her retinue of agents pitted in a power struggle against opponents of comparable calibre.

Escape from NeoFirenze
This city is a post-catastrophe hell on earth and the only way out is to get in...and accomplish the mission you've been tasked with. Will you prevail against all odds?

This is a GM-less game is meant to be a pick-up introductory rpg that puts Players in the boots of Snake Plissken-like characters running through the wasted remains of a post-apocalyptic Firenze. The game is meant to be competitive, quick, brutal... and somewhat educative-ish, covertly feeding snippets of (highly mutated) historical or cultural info. Something one can play in less than 3 hours.

Like Flies
In a world where death is a form of entertainment you and a few others have been chosen to be the next Contestants in a brutal game of survival. Will you be the hunter or the hunted? Be as it may, you will all drop like flies, until only one remains alive.

Inspired by stories like The Hunger Games, Battle Royale and The Most Dangerous Game, Like Flies talks about people thrust in a cruel situation, about getting to care for them, and about watching them die one after the other...and the hope that drives them to not surrender.

Stand by Me
There is a song in your heart and for some reason it gives you weird and amazing powers. You can change the world, you can save the day, you can make your dreams come true ... but at what cost?

Inspired by Ribbon Drive (by Avery McDaldno) and Bliss Stage (by Ben Lehman) and obviously celebrating the japanese comic book JoJo's Bizarre Adventures this GM-Less game is meant as a challange to both your brain and your heart, at the rhythm of your favourite songs. A duel of wits among Stand users. A clash of wills between people who have too much to lose and will have to sacrifice something in order to prevail.

Drop Ship
We are at war, and war has a cost ... will you be willing to pay it?

This GM-Less game is inspired by the Starship Troopers movies (but in a good way :P )
The idea is to have each Player manage a small group of characters, pour her own hopes and dreams and desires into them, then "drop" them on some dangerous planet. They will share difficult moments, they will team up and help each other survive, they will strive to accomplish military objectives, and along the way they will die and be mourned while the others bear their torch.