This is the page where I say a huge, warm, heart-felt THANK YOU to all my PATREON supporters.
When someone patr-e-onizes me, his/her/its name will appear here, to be glorified until the end of times!

Claudia Colini ... just because she puts up with me being myself.

Chris Sakkas ... my very first patrEon, THANK YOU Chris!

Johnstone Metzger ... he makes monsteRRRs! D:

Daniele Frizzi ... a true beliver (in me ^_^)

Nicola Urbinati ... my first top-level supporter! All hail his legendary generosity! :D

Antonio Caciolli ... helping me bear the torch.

Donald Wheeler ... this is how Canada rolls!

Federico Torri ... he who gave the final push to go beyond my first goal.

Eugenio ... opinionated roleplayer.

Domenico Perri ... exploring new weird territories.

Giuseppe Corino ... from Ireland with love.

Giovanni Micolucci ... volcanic game designer.

Flavio Mortarino ... the man without sleep.

Lapo Luchini ... indomitable forum beast.

Pablo Iglesias ... bearing the Indie torch on Iberic lands.

Paul Baldowski ... paranoid android.

Simone Maccapani ... out of the deep blue.

Julian Plaga ... the most Brazilian of Germans :D

Lester Ward ... a mysterious figure o_O

Aaron Ross Powell ... the 50$ man!